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Explained: What Did La’Darius Tweet About Monica? Monica Aldama Abusing Darius Marshall During The Show, All Details!




Explained: What did La’Darius Tweet About Monica? Monica Aldama Abusing Darius Marshall During The Show, All Details: Hello guys, 2 of the well-renowned personalities are surrounded by controversy lately. Darius Marshall and Monica Aldama are in talks with Netflix for season two of the web series Cheer. So recently the arrest of Jerry Harris and Ladarius Marshall is trending on the net. We will discuss the case today. So recently Marshall announced that he is going to quit, are, and will not appear in season two of the web series cheer. He accused Monica. He commented that she bully him. Follow our website for more updates!!!!!!

What did La’Darius Tweet About Monica?

What did La’Darius Tweet About Monica?

This news came as a shocker for all the audience. And then supporters were really shocked by this news. He is a really famous television celebrity and has American citizenship. He became famous through the web series. He is one of the most famous characters of the show and is known for his cheerleading and strong character. But he tweeted recently about Monica after returning from the dancing session. He has accused Monica of mental and physical abuse and harassment. As it during the 6th episode was filming, he refused and said that he was done with all the Shit.

Ladarius Smith & Monica Controversy Explained!

He said I cannot kill myself anymore. I am tired of this whole thing. He also posted his Instagram storytelling to the fans about this. And he got a lot of attention. He was also replying to his fans about their questions. He’s really active on his social media accounts and interacts with fans a lot. He even said one time that his fans are the most important thing in his life. He always respects them. Fans are really sad about the latest news as they will not be able to see him again in the show.

But they are also happy that he came out in public and discussed his problem. And he didn’t sit quite like most of the people. He fought against the harassment. And now it is going to be really interesting if Monica faces any charges, but there must be a sufficient amount of evidence for that. But the other section of Monica’s fans is defending her. No official comments have been issued by Monica or his spokesperson in the public. It is going to be really difficult for Monica to handle such a serious situation, and it is also a really sensitive note.