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Ex-Spanish Footballer Dies After Freak Mobile Phone Electrocution





Former Real Oviedo footballer, Santiago Otero, has died after electrocuting himself in the bath.

The 38-year-old was apparently discovered by his wife, with The Sun reporting that he may have been dead up to 10 hours previously.

It’s been suggested that Otero was trying to recharge his mobile phone when it slipped from his grasp into the bath and electrocuted him, with a burn mark on his chest where the phone landed.

He was from Viveiro, a small Galician town which is to the of north of the city of Lugo in northern Spain.

Nicknamed Catanha, the 38-year-old had previously played as centre-forward for Folgueiro, Xove Lago, Real Oviedo’s youth side and his home town team

It’s believed that his wife raised the alarm at approximately 8.00am local time on Wednesday after returning from a night shift, with paramedics the first to arrive on the scene.

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