Ex-Presidential Aspirant Threatens Judges in Controversial Video


  • 2013 Presidential aspirant Jaffer Isaak Sora has threatened judges, police and a number of journalists who he accused of frustrating and forcing him to be a fugitive. 

    Isaak was allegedly arrested with 445 kilograms of bhang worth Ksh13 million on Tuesday night, June 18, 2019. Police officers revealed that he has been on the run after securing his freedom on a Ksh3 million bond. 

    A manhunt was launched for the politician after a judge issued an arrest warrant in January 2020. Isaak was accused of failing to appear in court. 


    A campaign poster for Jaffer Isaak Sora in the 2013 Presidential elections


    In a series of posts on his Facebook page and on a video he sent to the police, the former candidate threatened to take revenge on judges, police and media who he claimed took his life away from him. 

    “I am a soldier and a soldier never gives up. I will take you down one by one. Even if I die, I will die with all of you. Those detectives that arrested and tortured me, the judges who frustrated me and those who wrote about me, prepare for your bullets. 

    “To my lovely wife, I am sorry. You sacrificed your life and sold your property to support me in my campaigns- it is over – God will take care of you. To my children – I am sorry- my life was taken away. I have thought of committing suicide in the last two years,” Isaak stated in the video while claiming that he ran away to the UK. 

    He further stated that he had cut links with his family and the police were free to torture or arrest them. Isaak claimed that he had gone through a lot of pain and was stressed by the loans he took to fund his campaigns and businesses. 

    On his Facebook page, he stated that “I continue struggling with the physical, emotional and mental issues, that was inflicted on me by police torture in Kenya. I want to thank this great country (United Kingdom) for helping me with my recovery from my depression. 

    “The last two years have been a struggle for me and my family but I am recovering well and very soon I will be able to go back to our struggle. They have tried everything to silence me but I will never give up. When you join politics in Africa with good intentions you must be prepared for your name, honour and dignity to be destroyed,” he alleged. 

    Police officers who spoke to Kenyans.co.ke on condition of anonymity, however, refuted reports that Isaak was tortured, adding that this was one of his elusive and sympathy seeking tactics. They added that their intel showed that the politician was hiding in Kenya and detectives were edging closer to arresting him. 

    According to the sleuths, Isaak risks being listed as a criminal having threatened national security and the lives of police and public servants. 

    “I am ready to be a criminal. I will do whatever it takes to get my revenge,” the politician, nonetheless, vowed in his video.

    Watch a censored video of Jaffer Isaak  

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