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Europe questions the unlimited resources of PSG, war is declared between the duo Real Madrid-FC Barcelona and other La Liga clubs





Europe is wondering about PSG, the war between the Real-Barça duo and the other Liga clubs or even Benfica who will try Umtiti, find in your Foot Transfer market press review the latest information from the European sports press.

“What about financial fair play?”

No, you did not dream. Lionel Messi was indeed presented this Wednesday at the Parc des Princes as a player for Paris Saint-Germain. The Argentinian was greeted like a real rock star and it still makes headlines all over Europe. But after this great show, other questions arise. For example, how much will the six-fold Ballon d’Or receive in terms of salary? According to The Parisian, the bill will amount to € 41 million net per season. Something to make you dizzy. And provoke anger in some countries. “What about financial fair play?”, placarded on his one the Daily Sportivo on its front page this morning. “Paris has become Disneyland”, abstract Marca. Not totally yet. Mickey is still not the official club mascot.

Open war between the duo Real-Barça and La Liga

We thought La Liga was on course to generate a lot of money with the signing of an agreement between Javier Tebas and the CVC investment fund to the tune of 2.7 billion euros. But obviously, two clubs do not want this financial windfall. These are Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. The two mastodons oppose, hand in hand, this contract and have been supported since Wednesday by the Spanish Football Federation, which also denounces the agreement. Suddenly, as summarized Marca, it is an open war between the Laporta-Pérez duo and the other Spanish clubs defended by Javier Tebas. But for what reasons the two giants of Spanish football refuse this contract? Mystery…

Benfica will try Umtiti

Time is running out for Samuel Umtiti. August 31 is fast approaching and the 2018 world champion is still at FC Barcelona. And even if he doesn’t seem to really want to leave Catalonia, everyone around him pushes him to do so. But where to go? Turkish and French clubs have made offers to him, according to the newspaper Sport Tuesday. But now a Portuguese club could come to the news, according to Record. Benfica should indeed try its luck, according to the Portuguese publication. But Umtiti’s salary could however be a brake on a possible arrival. Nevertheless, the fact that Barça absolutely want to sell him could work in favor of the Lisbon club. The Catalans could agree to see him go free.

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