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Ethiopian Burning Civilians Video Leaked On Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, and Instagram




WATCH: Ethiopian Burning Civilians Video Leaked On Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, and Instagram: An outrage has been sparked on social media since a video has broke out on social media in which gunmen can be seen burning three individuals alive. This gruesome video sparked outrage over social media and people have been horrified after witnessing such an incident through a video. Now people are demanding the prosecution of the gunman who has done this. There is a lot more to know about this incident in this article so keep reading this article till the end to get detailed information about the incident. The readers will get to learn when and where this incident took place so go down the page and have a look at the paragraphs of this page. Follow More Update On

Ethiopian Burning Civilians Video

Ethiopian Burning Civilians Video

According to the reports, this incident is a matter of Ethiopia and the video of this gruesome incident has been circulating on the internet since Friday. According to the source, Ethiopian authorities have started an investigation after seeing the same video in which three men have been burnt by gunmen. Since people have witnessed the incident on social media they are speculating the reason behind the gruesome act of the gunmen. Kindly read down the further section to know what is the bone of contention of this incident.

Ethiopian Burning Civilians Video Leaked On Twitter

Federal troops have been accused of burning the victims by the Tigray leaders who have called this incident barbaric on Sunday. Tigray leaders blamed Amharic expansionists and their cronies against the Tigray who reside in Benishangul-Gumuz. The deaths of the victims also have been confirmed by the Ethiopian government, authorities stated that the suspect dragged three men and burnt them alive in the Northwestern region of Benishangur-Gumuz called the Cuban area.

People are condemning the actions of the gunmen, the clip which is circulating on social media has shown the inhuman act and cruelty of the gunmen to the Tigray’s living in the Cuban area. As of now, no suspect has been apprehended for this brutality and the respective authority still has not managed to trace the root of the video but they are examining the incident and looking into the matter to catch the culprit who burnt three alive men to death. From the past few months, we have seen the struggle of PM Abiy Ahmed’s government in the country to halt the ethnic-based brutal attacks after November 2020 when the Tigray war broke out. Stay tuned with us for more.