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Esther Musila Excites Fans With Her New Pic






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Some say money can’t buy happiness while others believe that money is everything because when you have money happiness will come automatically.

Well, Esther Musila who is wife to Kenyan Gospel Musician Guardian angel has been topic since he started dating famous Kenyan Gospel Artist.

However, due to their age difference they love each other, they are good examples that true love exists and age is just a number.

Therefore, money will always ‘buy’ happiness because Esther Musila has been transformed with a high percentage of transformation.

Following social media platforms, today being on Thursday so many people like sharing their TBT photos on social media and therefore Esther could not keep calm, she has shared her tbt which she looked so different from now.


The photo has revealed to us how transformation means, she has been transformed from Grass to Grace and therefore it takes God’s grace for such a transformation and therefore we can say that money is good.

As usual, Fans can’t keep, they had to give their view on Esther Musila’s tbt photo;

Here are some of the comments;


Wooii unakaa supuu hata sikua nimezaliwa na sai nakaa tuko age moja😢😢😢

Umefanya nikakumbuka hii song ya …” Indemoniii indemoniieee, ekusakula”😂

Yaani 1992 ulikuwa hivi😂

😂 you have really tightened the belt

The outfit is killing me my dear 😍😍

My goodness hiyo savco jeans and t-shirt was the in things those days,nilikua form2 and I had a light brown and white and black t-shirt imechorwa neck tie enyewe Tumetoka mbali I salute you essy

😂😂😂😂belt +trouser 😂😂😂😂I die

😂Before mzee azaliwe

Esther Musila

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