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Eric Omondi Wants Kenyans To Build Churchil A House





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Kenyan top Comedian Eric Omondi has urged Kenyans artist especially comedians to come together and contribute money so that they can build a beautiful house for Churchill. Eric Omondi gained fame while he was working with Churchill at Carnivore ground Nairobi county.

Eric is among the most talented Kenyan artist and has attracted the attention of many people on both public and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube channel. In his Instagram account, he has more than two million followers.


According to the news report that has been shared Online by K24 news Kenya on Facebook, Eric has urged artists especially those who gained fame through Churchill’s show to come together and build a house for Churchill because that’s a form of appreciation and self-giving in a society.

Kenyans on social media have sparked mixed reactions concerning that Eric Omondi’s information whereby some netizens are saying that Churchill is a rich man who makes millions of money and he doesn’t need a house because he can afford it.


Here are some of the reactions among Kenyans netizens,

I like this kind of thinking

Remembering where and who gave you a chance in life!

It is good to honor those who lifted you up in this journey.Others will honor you too.

Churchill needs appreciation from Kenyan comedians…. that’s a fact…..

Personally,i owe Churchill Soda,though am not a comedian.

sisi maceleb tuko na shida mingi sana ..niskie mtu akiniuliza mimi ni celeb mgani

Very true ,those who blame Churchill are just dishonest, he has played a major role even though we must acknowledge and appreciate diversity,..

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