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Eric Omondi Set To Marry One Of His Ladies Today






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Being a celebrity, Eric Omondi runs a popular show called Wife Material Contest that’s composed of ladies from different countries who contest to win Omondi. The show is now at its third episode and the ladies are on the move trying to get the first position. We have some from Rwanda, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda. Each of them portrays her skills as a woman and how best she can satisfy her husband in all areas.


From their performance Eric will choose the best one to be his partner. Yesterday on his Instagram page he posted a photo of all the girls who have been participating in the event since last week.

In that post, Omondi said that he’ll be announcing the winner today and definitely he’ll be off the market. Several videos of the girls have been displayed on social media so you can see what they do and the criteria used to determine the final partner.


Fans are still guessing the possible winner as we wait for the results. Below are screenshots of their guesses just stay tuned for more updates.

It’s gonna be okay. 💙😮🙌

Wah that was fast😂😂😂😂

Wewe hujawai kua off market

Ona sasa Achol amekushinda urefu 😮😂😢

Wife Material season 3

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