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ERIC GAND: Kenya not safe at the moment – The Star, Kenya





Kenya is not safe at the moment. The country is as vulnerable to terrorist attacks now as ever before.
The Kampala bombing is an eye-opener that all is not well in the region and Kenya must enhance its vigilance.
When a neighbour is unsafe, it means then that Kenya is unsafe.
Sleeper cells are in Kenya and the terrorists are just looking for the right opportunity to attack.
In any case, the vulnerability is increasing, leaving citizens at the mercies of freehold extremists.
The biggest challenge is in the leadership, which doesn’t want to listen to experts trying to proffer solutions to the security threats posed by terror groups.
I myself have identified vulnerable areas that the security agencies need to to invest in to tackle the threats. However, it is sad that those in positions of leadership do not want to listen.
I blame the leadership. I remember one time I found an ambulance full of suspicious Somalis at a place called Gatuanyaga but even after bringing that to he attention of authorities, nothing was done.
I texted the people responsible for security in that region but nothing was done. I have documented a lot of information in my book on how we can address the security threats Kenya faces.
For instance, my approach is to start by depriving these terrorists of safe havens. Once we get rid of these cells, then we are able to start to address the real problem posed by terror groups.
I have complained that the people who are in leadership do not want to take the pragmatic counsel we give,maybe because they feel we are a threat to their careers.
So, they want the status quo. The government must enhance surveillance by cameras across the country, as America did.
The security cameras are part of great efforts to achieve deterrence. Looking at how Kenya has structured its security system, it lies on the platform of Safaricom.
This is providing a way of checking background checks. If well utilised, Safaricom infrastructure has the capacity to provide real time information that can be able to crack down on suspects.
The security analyst spoke to the Star.
(Edited by V. Graham)
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