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Engineered Arts Robot Real Video Goes Viral on Social Media




WATCH: Engineered Arts Robot Real Video Goes Viral on Social Media: The population of humanoid robots on Earth continues to grow unabated, it seems like ‘Everybody’ and their IT person has seen Boston Dynamics Atlas robot, there is nothing which seems to look more realistic than Engineered Arts new robot in Ameca, well we are going to introduce to Ameca in the video below. it looks fascinating and scary at the same time. Follow More Update On

Engineered Arts Robot Real Video

Engineered Arts Robot Real Video

Engineered Arts, which is the UK’s leading manufacturer and designer of humanoid entertainment robots, have recently introduced Ameca to the internet and it seems like the people on the internet have gone crazy and they are getting fascinated at the time being. The humanoid robot doesn’t have much Faux skin and musculature apart from what’s on its face and hands, it looks stunningly realistic, not only are the robot’s movements exceptionally fluid but the face seems to be natural, it is skipping along the uncanny valley that so many robots fall into.

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The robot’s combination of mechanical limbs and ligaments, sensor arrays, and actuators is cutting-edge, the Engineered Arts has been there since 2005 which means that it had 16 years to perfect the humanoid bots, the company’s first robot was a mechanical robot for the stage. The figurative head of the robot, Ameca is somewhat lacking, it has been made clear that Ameca doesn’t use anything like “Pure Al” and regarding the conversation, Ameca is a chatbot in one hell of a metal Chassis, the Engineered Arts says users which can easily talk through the robot remotely.

Aside from a potential starring role, Ameca seems to have many uses, mainly as an entertainer at conventions, it never ceases to amaze people, there is not much known about the robot’s intelligence as of this point in time, it has not been stated as to what all can the machine do which looks just exactly like us.

If this is what the future is going to be then it is going to be something in order to differentiate between humans and robots but it is going to take us some time as of now, the model they have shown is not known if this is the finished version of the robot or they have shown the glimpse of its making.

If there are going to be further revelations in the story in the coming days and weeks then we are going to be updating you, it seems like there are going to be more updates on the story and we will be on our toes to share the updates with you as soon as something comes under our radar.



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