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Edgar Obare’s Statement Hours after His Instagram Account Was Deactivated






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Barely a day after his Instagram account was deactivated in an unclear circumstance, blogger Edgar Obare alias Tea master has for the first time broken his silence speaking on the same.

Reports from the outspoken blogger indicate that his account was deactivated by the Instagram Management but plans are under way to have it restored to its earlier state.

“My Main account has been deactivated, working to get it restored. Meanwhile we already prepared for such outcomes and I can also be posting here” said Obare via his BNN Instagram account.


The Tea master went on to caution his fans and followers to avoid all accounts currently operating under his terming all of them parodies.

“All accounts with my name are fake, Report Please” said Edgar Obare.

The reason for the deactivation of the account is not yet known, with the Instagram not able to provide precise guidance for why accounts are disabled, besides the violation of community guidelines or terms of use.

It is now known that the account has since been deactivated, after initial search for photo’s, videos through the apps yielded a no longer available result, sending jitters if it was deleted completely or not.

Obare has been among the trending topics in the Country recently following his expose on the vicious money laundering scheme popularly known as Wash Wash among Kenyans with the get rich quick mentality.


The outspoken blogger over the weekend named names of the individuals believed to be in the Wash Wash Business, igniting an endless discussion on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Among those named in the process was the Radio Africa’s Kiss 100 radio presenter Felix Odiwuor popularly known as Jalang’o

Speaking on air with his Kiss 100 co-host Kamene Goro, the celebrated journalist refuted the claims swearing by his father’s grave that he has never been involved in any fraudulent deal and the deeply connected world of money launderers, gold scammers, conmen.

“For the past 10 to 15 years I’ve never seen what 7 o’clock looks like unless I’m on holiday or its the weekend when I’m not working because I’ve always just known 4am as my wake-up time and we come to Kiss and they pay us so well,” the comedian started.

He went to explain that after landing his first job at Kiss 100, he then started his company Arena Media which deals majorly in advertising and marketing.


“It’s a below the line and above the line marketing firm where we sit down with a team of almost 20 people, employed pensionable and taxable,” he said.

He is also currently a brand ambassador to a number of brands ranging from finance, apparel, fast-moving consumer goods, construction, and an influencer to many more among others.

“As you speak today, I think I’m a brand ambassador to almost five top brands…a brand ambassador not influencer…for influencing I have a thousand and one… I’ll tell you easily there’s a time I drive in this town and I see a billboard literally every single place, those things pay,” Jalang’o explained.

The celebrated comedian also enjoys an Instagram following of over 2 million followers offering him the opportunity to monetize his huge following by posting advertisements for many different clients and brands for payment.

This comes months after the emcee had been on the record revealing that he earns as much as over 3 Million on a good month from using his social media.


“To make it even crazier, per week I think I do like three to four events and club appearances and all which are paying which are paying very well.

“Jalang’o TV is a different hustle altogether racking up to almost 10 million views every single month and I literally put it out and say per week I must have four to five interviews,” he said.

During his first three months of establishing his YouTube channel the presenter netted a whooping 1.2 Million in revenue from the platform, and this is continuously growing with the more than 400,000 current subscribers and millions of views.

A number of people are currently linking him with the dirty wash wash money due to his fine life owning and driving high-end machines in  a Toyota V8, Range Rover Velar, Mercedes convertible, Mercedes V-Class and a Land Rover Discovery.

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