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Ed Sheeran previews upcoming album with YouTube shorts




Award winning singer and songwriter, Ed Sheeran gave fans an innovative preview of his forthcoming album.

He previewed the album, titled “=” (Equals) through a bunch of YouTube Shorts ahead of its official release this Friday.

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran released 14 shorts which “encapsulate the very personal journey” of the album. One short for each song. Each short bringing the intimate and everyday moments reflected in the songs to life. From stepping into an ice bath in ‘Shivers,’ to having a solo dance party in ‘Be Right Now’. From taking an outdoor shower in ‘Stop The Rain,’ to simply hanging out with his family at home in ‘First Times,’ Sheeran is giving fans a short, intimate look into what each song on ‘=’ means to him.

Click here to watch all 14 shorts from Ed Sheeran.

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“I had a really fun day shooting my YouTube Shorts,” He said. “I’ve always really enjoyed the music video process, so it was fun to explore a new way of doing that by channeling each song’s theme in a unique way, while also giving you a sneak peek of the album!

YouTube’s global head of music, Lyor Cohen said, “From day one, I knew Ed and his music would have a lasting, global impact and that remains true today,”. “Ed Sheeran is a storyteller and I am so stoked he is using YouTube Shorts to give his fans an audio and visual preview of his incredibly powerful new album. This is going to be an unforgettable moment.”

“We are thrilled to see Ed’s collaboration with YouTube come to fruition and to build on Ed’s long-standing relationship with the platform,” said Ed Howard, co-president, Atlantic Records UK in a statement. “The extended Shorts series not only provides us with an innovative way to preview the breadth of the new album sonically, but the short, bespoke films help showcase the narrative of each song in a fun and authentic way. We’re excited to see it ignite his fanbase on a global scale.”

Equals or = is going to be the fourth studio album by Ed Sheeran. It follows 2011’s Plus or (+), 2014’s Multiply or (×) and 2017’s Divide (÷). According to him, the album is a “really personal record and one that means a lot to me”.

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