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Eckson Maluleke Funeral Services Photos Video Goes Viral On Social Media




WATCH: Eckson Maluleke Funeral Services Photos Video Goes Viral On Social Media: Worldwide famous Xitsonga singer has been no more. He has been passed away on March 30. 2022. The legend narrator has tragically and suddenly died on Wednesday, March 30, 2022. Leaving his whole family, direct relations, and gatherings of companions in absolute destruction and bitterness. The miserable news was partaken in a Facebook distribution by the client, Adv Ollies Makhiza who stated. I am so profoundly hurt to hear the death of this Xitsonga Music Legand “The narrartor” Eskson Maluleke, I was called prompty in the first part of the day by somebody extremely near him. May his skilled soul Rest in peace. Nyiko ya Mn’wanati yi nge replaciwi hey nchumu”.

Eckson Maluleke Funeral Services

Eckson Maluleke Funeral Services

This is very shocking news for the fans of the singer, who entertain them for such a long time. When the fans and his friends got the news, they were shocked after getting the news. It was the doubt that it could be a rumor also. But it would become the true news and it broke the heart of his followers. Fans are curious to know about his reason, if he was facing any difficulty in his life, or something else, he was facing. It is not clear yet, what was the reason behind his death, his funeral will be held in the presence of his family member and close relative and friends.

He was the man who entertain the people for such a long time, fans loved him very much not because of his singing but because of his gesture toward his fans. He was a very kind person. Who was always ready for other problems. He got the name and fame or lots of appreciation by his fans. His fans loved him very much. He sing some very popular songs, and that song created a song singer personality among the listeners of his songs.

Fans are giving tribute to him by their  social media account. They are sharing their thought and feeling about the singer on social media. If you go to search on the internet about him you will get very emotional messages about him from his fans. What are thinking about him, and why did he so important to his fans. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, and especially TikTok have been full of messages about the grief of his death. Netizens are also sharing short clips of him and his work.