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Ebubeagu: A Missed Opportunity By South-east Governors – Chike Udensi



A security expert, Sir Chikwe Udensi has accused governors of the South East region of sleeping on duty over their alleged failure to fight insecurity in the geopolitical zone with the instrumentality of Ebubeagu security outfit they earlier set up.

He said the governors have failed to key into the liberality of federal government to allow a regional security outfit to make the region safe for the people.

Speaking with ABN TV in Abuja, he accused the South-East Governors of jeopardising the lives of the people even with the glaring inability of the federal agencies to protect the region.

While stating that the governors issue communiques they are not ready to implement at the end of every meeting, he dissuaded insinuation that Ebubeagu has been inactive due to lack of finance.

He said in Ekiti and other South-West states where Amotekun is functional, they earn less than the States in South East.

He attributed it to lack of readiness to secure the region, describing as ridiculous the decision of Abia State Government to send Ebubeagu operatives into the forest without arming them to confront killer herdsmen.

While calling for improvement of governance attitude with regards to security, Sir Udensi applauded them for achievements in other areas but insists that a lot need to be done in the area of security.

He called on them to put security at the front burner so that other areas of the economy could develop.

Source:- Abntv

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