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Dragonspiral Descent Collection Challenge, A Guide On Pokemon Go Dragonspiral Descent Collection Challenges And Rewards





Pokemon Go

This is one of the most popular augmented video games. The gameplay gives us a real-time experience where we get to collect pokemon in our GPS location. The game was developed by Niantic, Nintendo, and The Pokemon Company and published by Niantic. The game received a mixed reaction from the fans as it had significant technical issues. The game is considered one of the most played games in the world.

What Is The Dragonspiral Descent Collection Challenge?

From December 7 to December 12, 2021, Pokémon Go had a dragon-themed Dragonspiral Descent Collection Challenge. Dragon-type Pokémon come more frequently during Dragonspiral Descent, as Druddigon makes its debut. You might find the Dragonspiral Descent challenge difficult. So, here are the tasks, the player has to complete the challenge with ease. Druddigon can be encountered through completing new Field Research, completing the event’s Collection Challenge, or encountering it in three-star raids.

Dragonspiral Descent Collection Challenge

Here are the Pokemon’s that the player had to collect in order to finish the challenge. The list of pokemon you need to catch is listed below. 


Dragonspiral Descent Collection Challenge Rewards

We complete the challenges for the rewards, right? Sometimes the rewards can be exciting which will help broadly in a way to amplify the game. The reward challenges are introduced every once in a wish for the gamers to have the best gaming experience. You might want to know the rewards for the  Dragonspiral Descent Collection Challenge. After completing the challenge of collecting pokemon, players were rewarded with  1,000 XP, 3,000 Stardust, and a Druddigon encounter. Isn’t that amazing?

Field Research Rewards

By spinning PokéStops and Gyms, the players were able to acquire a variety of exclusive field research jobs during the Dragonspiral Descent event in Pokémon Go. They had to keep track of the progress in the reward challenge. Fans of the game benefited from completing the challenge during the event.

Make 3 nice curveball throws in a rowDratini encounter
Win 3 raidsDruddigon encounter
Win one raidDeino encounter
Win one raid under 60 secondsSneasel encounter

Pokemon Go Gameplay

The whole gaming experience is just mind-blowing. This augmented reality game will let you collect your pokemon in your current locations. With the help of GPS tracking, the game will show the map of your current location. The players have to go and collect the pokemon to reach the next level and unlock a few items. Several characters are introduced with every update. The players can enjoy catching pokemon at their own house too.

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Tips To Play Pokemon Go

1. Make better use of your incubators.

2. You can power up your pokemon after increasing the XP

3. You can also transfer candies or your pokemons

4. Make use of your lucky eggs wisely

5. You should choose a rare character

6. You need to go far and wide to catch alot of Pokemon. 

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