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“Don’t touch my private parts when i die” pastor Ng’anga warns nurses






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Controversial Neno Evangelist Televangelist Pastor James Ng’anga has issued a warning to the Kenyan nurses that they should never contemplate touching his private parts when he dies.

The controversial preacher says that when he dies, there is no way young and under age nurses would masquerade with his private organs.

“Mi siku yangu ikifika, I believe my God, hawa wasichana ma nurses hawatashika private parts yangu. Njoo uone Ng’anga, nilikufa Jana nitakufia Kama ni kwa barabara, huwezi kuenda kushika private parts yangu watoto wadogo hawa ati ebu njoo uone Ng’anga kwa sababu ana d**k kubwa,” said Ng’anga while preaching to the congregation.

Pastor Ng’anga’s life has been littered with controversies on several occasions and always been in the news for the wrong reasons.

Among them being accused of threatening Citizen TV editor Linus Kaikai. The accusations led him charged at the Kiambu court following a video that went viral online in which he wear what he looks like military fatigued. He warns the media against describing some preachers as fake and condemned calls to have preachers trained in theology.

In another occasion, a video went viral in which the pastor exorcised demons out of the Tanzania gospel singer Rose Muhando.

Ng’anga also grapples with past family life. His enstrangled wife, Loise Maina, accused him of being abusive and adulterous drunk. The pastor blamed the devil for his tribulations but said God will always see him through.

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