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Disney CEO Bob Chapek, Bob Iger Pay Packages for Fiscal 2021




Disney CEO Bob Chapek saw his compensation package for the company’s fiscal 2021 hit about $32.5 million, more than double the $14.2 million he took home a year earlier.

Former CEO Bob Iger, who exited Disney at the end of last year as executive chairman, raked in a total comp package worth $45.9 million, versus $21 million the year prior. In fiscal 2020, neither Chapek or Iger received bonuses.

In the filing, the company said that in fiscal year 2021, “Mr. Chapek, as Chief Executive Officer, delivered strong performance given the unprecedented challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and meaningful shareholder value, driven by exceptional execution of the Company’s key strategic initiatives.”

According to Disney, since March 2020, Chapek “has adeptly managed the significant disruption to the Company’s businesses resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and guided the Company’s new management team leading our direct-to-consumer (‘DTC’) efforts.

In addition, the company called Chapek’s reorg of the media and entertainment businesses “to align with Mr. Chapek’s strategic goals of accelerating the DTC strategy and centralizing distribution and commercialization activities.” Under his tenure, Disney also Increased subscribers at Disney Plus, Hulu and ESPN Plus and continued to expand DTC streaming internationally.

Chapek, according to Disney, also “took meaningful and innovative steps at our parks and experiences business while reopening our parks, including the development of Disney Genie and new Magic Key offerings.”