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Director of Guardians of the Galaxy reveals which song would never use in the trilogy





In addition to the good humor and unusual characters, the franchise Guardians of the Galaxy became known for the soundtrack of her film adaptations. This is a major concern of director James Gunn, who has even announced that he has finished selecting songs that will be featured in the third feature — and which track he would never put in a movie in the trilogy.

In response to Instagram fan inquiries, Gunn replied that he would never use the track Dancing in the Moonlight, from the King Harvest group. According to the director, many fans of the franchise have asked that the song be included in some form in the films, but he considers that it has been used many times and has already become trivialized.

To CinemaBlend, the director also explained why the order of appearance of the songs on the soundtrack Guardians of the Galaxy it is different between the movies and the official disc. According to him, a combination that works in cinema doesn’t necessarily have the same impact when people are simply listening to the tracks and doing other activities.

Song order changes the desired flow

“When you group the songs, there’s a flow in the way the songs work together,” explained Gunn. “And if you put them in the order of the movie, it ends up being very poppy in the beginning and very dark in the last half. It gets darker as you progress, especially on the Volume 2”.

Before returning to drive Guardians of Galaxy 3, James Gunn is working on finalizing his adaptation of Suicide squad. According to the director, one of his current favorite artists contributed to the film’s soundtrack with “classic pop” that is “burning in his brain” and he can’t wait to share more information about the song in question.

The Suicide Squad is scheduled to premiere on August 6 in theaters and through HBO Max. The new chapter in the saga of Starlord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket Racoon and Groot is not due until May 23, 2023, but an end-of-season special Year Run by Heroes is slated to debut on Disney+ during the end-of-the-year celebrations.

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