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Details of Mount Kenya Region leaders’ meeting ahead of 2022 general elections






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As the 2022 general elections fast approaches, a section of Mount Kenya leaders held a meeting to discuss what they termed as “the region’s unity of purpose”.

The meeting was held on Monday, September 6, 2021 led by Narc Kenya party leader, Martha Karua and The Service Party (TSP) leader, Mwangi Kiunjuri among other political leaders from the Mount Kenya region.

In her statement, Narc Kenya Party leader, Martha Karua said that they they met to brainstorm on the way forward for the Mount Kenya region even as they join the rest of the country in uniting Kenyans.

While describing other leaders who attended the meeting as like-minded members of the Jubilee party, Karua said they want to work together as a region in one unifying coalition, but no one will be asked to leave their respective parties.

The leaders resolved to work together despite being in different political parties ahead of the 2022 General Elections.

“We are committed to multipartism. No one is being asked to leave their party unless they wish to do so. We will have many parties but unity of purpose,” Karua stated.

Karua stated that their commitment is for the people of Kenya, and for that to happen, leaders must be united first.

She noted that in order to bring the leaders together, she will bring together all elected Members of Parliament in the next meeting, without revealing when and where it will be held.

“We have also resolved that we are going to reach out to every elected MP in Mount Kenya region, which we hope will be in the coming week,” Karua said, adding that the date and time will be communicated soon.

She said the details that will emerge in the next meeting will be the wish list, which will be presented to presidential candidates who need the region’s support.

Martha urged all the leaders who will be invited for the next meeting to show up in large numbers for the sake of the region.

“I hope to meet a more diverse group in her next meeting,” she said.

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