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Details Emerge On How Uhuru Could Secretly Be Rooting For Mudavadi Despite Appearing To Have Endorsed Raila






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Fresh details have now opened the lid on the silent happenings between President Uhuru Kenyatta and ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi, one of his former critics who are now working closely with him.

Mudavadi, a former Vice President, is among members of the now defunct NASA Alliance who sought to deny the President his 2017 reelection but have now moved close to him after his reelection.

And though the President seems to have settled on ODM leader Raila Odinga as his preferred successor, details indicate that he has kept Mudavadi closer, despite the leader being seen as defiant.

The Standard was told that Mudavadi has been holding secret meetings with Uhuru and has as well been receiving funds from his buddies, bringing into question what the two are up to.

This as confirmed by a Mt Kenya Member of Parliament aware of the happenings, who alleged that the President is also the man behind Mudavadi’s vote hunting missions in Uhuru’s Mt Kenya turf.

“Do not, by any chance, think that Musalia has been making tours to Mt Kenya region blindly. The tours have been organised and senior government officers and local politicians mobilised to facilitate the meetings,” he told the paper.

Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala said that even though everything points at Uhuru having picked Raila, there are very good chances that this might not be the case and it could only be a game.

He told the paper that so complicated is the succession game that even himself he no longer understands what’s being planned.

“The succession plot is so complicated and some of us do not even understand the intrigues involved,” the leader, one of those pushing Mudavadi to go for the presidency despite pressure to back Raila, said.

The paper has established that the possibilities are that Uhuru is only using Raila as a ploy to mislead the rival camp led by Deputy President William Ruto before ultimately endorsing Mudavadi.

The other possibilities, it reports, is that the he is using Mudavadi as his other option should Raila fail or the three are in the same camp and will approach the poll as a single unit to crush Ruto’s dream.

It is worth noting that Uhuru recently indirectly endorsed Raila in Kibra. He is also seen as the man who rallied the Mt Kenya Foundation members behind the former Premier.

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