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Details Emerge On How Deep State Is Now Plotting On Reuniting Uhuru and Ruto





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People around President Uhuru Kenyatta are losing hope in their initial plan to stop Deputy President William Ruto and his presidential plans for next year’s general elections, it has now emerged.

This comes amid reports that there have been plans by some powerful people around Uhuru to see to it that the DP, who is keen on succeeding the outgoing Uhuru, is not allowed anywhere near the seat.

The people are now reported to have embarked on a plan to unite Uhuru and Ruto, who have since fallen out, and are deploying diplomatic strategies to strike a truce, an insider told The Star.

This, the paper was told that with polls showing that the DP is ahead of his competitors, that want to prevent a situation where he will embark on victimizes them once in office next year.

Ruto on Thursday said that he is ready to reconcile with the President, adding that he will come to the negotiating table without any conditions.

“I am ready for reconciliation with the President. He is still my boss whom I respect. I am ready for a truce with him without any conditions. It is a few crooks who are inciting him against me,” he said.

But sources say that the DP is actually not interested in the said truce, and would rather remain on his own, especially after being humiliated and victimized by the President and his people.

On Saturday, he once again fired shots at the President for trying to unite the opposition brigade against him, vowing to teach him and the group a lesson come next year, remarks he made in Malava.

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