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Details Emerge About Raila’s Secret Opinion Polls That He Is Using To Determine His 2022 Fate






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ODM leader Raila Odinga has resorted to using opinion polls to determine whether or not he will be declaring his presidential bid for next year, its alleged.

It is worth noting that the former Premier is yet to officiate his bid, even as he crisscrosses the country campaigning and drumming up support for himself.

The Standard has established that he has launched a secret opinion poll to determine if he will declare his bid now or keep Kenyans waiting a little more.

The poll, the paper reports, is being secretly carried out by two leading firms and will be followed by a bid declaration if the results come out encouraging.

The leader is also said to be awaiting directions from the Mt Kenya Foundation, whose members are seen as the powerful force behind his candidacy.

“Yet, conversely, he is also saying that he will announce later if he is in the race or not. Part of this is because he is waiting for a definitive signal from MKF, as well as for encouraging reports from ongoing secret opinion polls that ODM has commissioned with two leading pollsters,” the paper reports.

It has established that Raila could have to continue campaigning from behind the smokescreens for s bit longer if the poll results are not good.

If they show that he has a winning chance, it reports, he will make known his candidacy and proceed to prepare himself to take on his opponents.

“If the pollsters begin returning good reports, Raila will announce his candidature. He will stop campaigning from behind smokescreens,” it reports.

Raila is also yet to give a hint on who will be his running mate, even as pundits observe that it will most likely be from the Mt Kenya region.

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