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Delta Man’s New Car Involved In Ghastly Accident Before It Was Delivered To Him



A young Delta man woke up to discover the unexpected. Few days ago, he posted photos of his brand new car and enjoyed an influx of congratulatory messages from friends, he even dashed people some money as give away.

Isn’t it sad that the brand new car was involved in a ghastly motor accident while being delivered to him

A.Z money said that although he is feeling depressed, but he is happy that no life was lost.

Like I knew it was going to happen, I dreamt about this but I ignored it�
I booked my hotel and invited my friends to come and have fun with me on my new ride.

I waited for the driver who was supposed to deliver my car to Asaba this evening from Abuja.
After the long wait and everything I got a call this night that my brand new 2016 Corolla had an accident and damaged.

I wouldn’t have listened to people asking me to buy car up and down. Now I did see the outcome. WHY me?

Well I thank God no life was lost but this is weigh too much for me to bear.

New Car I Have Not Even Seen Or Drive But It’s Well #Egetwhy

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