Christine Lee Cause of Death & Obituary

Christine Lee, a 16-year-old lady from Cebu, Philippines, worked as a church collector. Police found her in Lapu-Lapu Metropolis, Cebu, with a total of 9 defensive wounds and 20 knife wounds.

A post-mortem indicated that her tongue, trachea, sections of her neck, right ears, and esophagus had been missing.

Half of Christine”s face was peeled to the skull, destroying her look. In response to Superintendent Benjamin Lara, the potential that a caustic material was used to pores and skin half of the sufferer’s face hasn’t been ruled out.

Silwan’s skin was burned on her brow, eyes, and neck after the suspect splashed acid on her face. As a result of she had ligature marks on her left wrist and neck, she was choked with a one-centimeter rope.

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Christine Lee Dead Body Photos

Christine Silawan’s death images are past recognition, with many stab wounds.

In response to KAMI, Christine’s bones had been inspected by a doctor, who revealed that she was missing quite a few inner organs.

Disturbing Images Warning:

Christine Lee

Christine Lee dead body

When she was recovered dead in Cebu, the lady’s face had been peeled off. Authorities are nonetheless seeking the murderers of the horrible crime.


What Happened To Maguad Siblings?

The case of Maguad Siblings additionally happened within the Philippines, the place two young adolescents who had been living completely happy life had been assassinated by a lady they’d invited into their home.

Crizzlle Gwynn Maguad, 18, and her 16-year-old brother had been brutally murdered of their M’lang house days before Christmas, in accordance with the suspect. Whereas their parents had been away, the siblings had been murdered.

Each Maguad siblings had been found stabbed to death in their very own house at 2 p.m. on the tenth of December after three guys stormed into their homes and attacked them.