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Davido: Etinosa Idemudia scolds, apologises to Gifty Powers




Nigerian actress, Etinosa Idemudia, has apologised to reality tv star, Gifty Powers over outburst.

The outburst started after Giffy took to her Instagram stories on Sunday where she described Davido as the best dad for celebrating his son’s second birthday.

She wrote “No papa better pass Davido. Periodtt. No matter the saga it is between him and his relationships, he’s always there for his kids; come rain, come shine. And that, I respect and love him.”

This did not however go well with Etinosa. Taking also to her Instagram on Monday, she said Davido did what was expected of a father.

Also, she accused Gifty of using the singer to solve her family problems.

She said “If you want to talk to your father and your two different baby daddies talk to them directly but please leave our fathers- my dearly beloved father out of it. Trying to even use OBO to settle your family problem.

“Nice try. Not Nigerian women low-key teaching men to be badly behaved. A man does what he is supposed to do as a father to his own child and some low self-esteem women start singing his praises like he’s done something extraordinary. The same way we worship politicians for doing half of what they were actually elected/paid to do.

“I have never seen a woman being praised and worshipped for breastfeeding her own child. If it’s a big deal that a man attended the birthday party of his own son and that has suddenly made him the best father in the world then Omo! Your childhood was rough oh. Sorry.” 

However taking to her Instagram story on Monday evening, she apologised to Gifty over her earlier comment. She said “Don’t undermine anyone’s parents’ hard work, long suffering and constant unwavering commitment because of clout.

“Some people will never call to appreciate their parents but will be stanning and worshipping strangers online in the name of celebrity who don’t even give a hoot about you

“My father of blessed memory made me who I am today. He is my ONLY MALE role model as it should be.

“Yes, I’m still hurting from the pain of his demise so please next time you want to chase clout and shoot your shot at Davido Try to say ‘no papa for my family better pass Davido’ instead of saying, ‘No papa better pass Davido’ because my papa better pass a billion Davidos and I will never see him again to tell him. I am sorry for the ‘outburst.’”

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