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Danstan Omari drops details of Matiang’I’s schooldays in Kisii that may be used in impeachment






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Although efforts to impeach the Cabinet Secretary for Interior Dr. Fred Matiang’I have intensified, with unconfirmed reports saying that almost a hundred members of parliament have already signed up to the motion, the entire process so far resembles the proverbial anecdote of a walking stick looking for a blind man, instead of the other way around. Even if the MPs, who are largely drawn from tanga tanga, are eventually able to marshal up the numbers, the grounds for impeachment remain a hard task. The Ruaraka Land Scandal has never been conclusively proven. However, an unexpected revelation from lawyer Danstan Omari may solve this.

City lawyer Danstan Omari claims that he and the interior CS Dr. Fred Matiang’I went to the same school back in their home county of Kisii.

While this in itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing or even illegal, it is worrisome bearing in mind that Danstan has handled a number of cases that fall under the Interior ministry portfolio, and this would present a conflict of interest problem for the CS.

Omari said this while appearing on Citizen TV’s morning show Daybreak.

The latest and most prominent such case that the lawyer has been involved in has been the one involving the Kianjokoma brothers.

Danstan Omari is currently appearing on behalf of six police officers who are accused of having murdered the two young men after they arrested them on grounds of violating curfew rules.

While the National Police Service was ideally to fall under the National Police Commission under the 2010 constitution, and which meant that the commission would handle all the Human Resource functions of the service, the constitution has since been tampered with repeatedly. This had the end result of effectively bringing the police service under the ministry of Interior which now handles almost everything, despite the National Police Service being an independent body.

If it can be proven that lawyer Omari was able to land his job as the lead lawyer of the six due to his proximity with CS Matiang’I, then this would undoubtedly be fertile ground for the CS’s much talked about impeachment.

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