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CRIP MAC VIDEO Shows Jumped By His Homies For Claiming A Different Gang




WATCH: Crip Mac Video Shows Jumped By His Homies For Claiming A Different Gang: There was a video coming out on social media that Crip Mac was Jumped by his homies claiming, he was coming from a different gang. Why does he do that, What’s the reason behind it. Let’s find out in this article. Crip Mac is known for his songs like Opp Goblin, This 55th Street, No Fair Ones, Trenches, Hammer Time, and so on. His news is currently surrounding on the internet after uploading a DP covered in blood and jumped by his homies. Follow More Update On

Crip Mac Video

Crip Mac Video

If you looked at the video closely then you’ll notice that there are some written names on his face indicating Crip Mac is jumped by his homies which claim a different gang. We can estimate through his face, how crazy he was to be a part of a gang. His face is covered with blood, written some gang names on his face and showing some crazy attitudes to his audience. The video was posted on January 7, 2022. He didn’t say that much in the video but just wanted to give an update or give a hint to joining a different gang to his fans and followers. He has a cutting wound under his eye as well as several other scratches on his face.

Even some sources say that he was bitten by his homies after they saw an old Facebook post in which he was already a member of a different gang. His supporters are concerned about his health and feel sorry for him. He was a good man and raised his voice towards suicide that is rising day by day in his country especially the students.

In an interview, somebody asks a question randomly in the public saying what is the viewpoint of orphans people in your opinion. What is your view regarding this?  He replied (in a significant manner) he had seen numerous people on the road who are homeless, who are in need of hunger, in need of help, in need of getting a chance to work with anybody. By seeing those people in real lives, I decided to this point that I give basic amenities, assist homeless persons, providing a better quality of food.

Recently, Crip Mac’s old Facebook post claiming a different gang is going viral on the internet. That post was made in 2013 in January and February respectively. The first post was posted on January 24, 2013. He claimed to be Oakwood Gangster. Talking about his net worth, he is worth about $41 million as of 2022.

The fans of Crip Mac are presently worried about him after a handful of online gossip pages shared a video of him seeing cut and bruised. The Twitter page for the No Jumper podcast apprised that Crip Mac had been jumped after old Facebook posts reappeared, viewing him “claim different gang.” It is presently not clear who jumped the music artist or what the Facebook posts state but admirers are wishing that the artist recovers fastly. Continue to read to know more about it.

The Video Of Bruised Crip Mac Surfaces Online

Going viral on Twitter, a video of Crip Mac watching cut and bruised is drawing the attention of the admirers. The clip is from the early month of February when he made a comes-up on the No Jump podcast. In the video clip, Crip comes up to be in a car listening to the radio as he looks into the camera. Since the video circulating online, admirers have been tensed and worried about his wellbeing, with one user tweeting: “My man spreads nothing but positivity and love, he did not deserve that.” Another user wrote, “Man I hope he is good.”

Bruises Allegedly Over Old Facebook Posts

The podcast of No Jumper which has hosted the musician prior to originally reported that Crip Mac had been jumped and further described the bruising and cuts on his face. The same page of Twitter asserted that the artist has been jumped due to old Facebook posts of Crip asserting that another gang reappeared. Crip Mac has not asserted where the wounds came from.

What Is Crip Mac Known For?

Crip Mac is a popular rapper known for his incredible rap compositions inside the music and entertainment industry Crip Mac is popularly known for his tracks 55th Street and Keep it 55th Street, both referring to the gang 55th Street Crips. Crip has also released Big Amount, Tragic, Get Your Doe, and Opp Goblin. The exact age of Crip has yet to be determined by the general public. The rapper lives in Los Angeles, California as mentioned in his Twitter feed. Los Angeles’ Jap5 made a visit to the No Jumper studios for an intimate and intense look with Adam22.