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COVID-19 Delta Variant More Likely To Lead To Hospitalization Among Unvaccinated




Delta variant more likely to lead to hospitalization among unvaccinated compared to alpha variant, study finds


A new, peer reviewed study estimates that the delta variant of COVID-19 doubles the risk of being hospitalized compared to the prior alpha variant among unvaccinated people.

The delta variant is the most highly transmissible strain seen yet, first emerging in India in late 2020 and quickly sweeping the globe. But scientists have debated whether this variant is also deadlier.

“Our analysis highlights that in the absence of vaccination, any Delta outbreaks will impose a greater burden on healthcare than an Alpha epidemic,” said Dr. Anne Presanis, one of the study’s lead authors and senior statistician, MRC Biostatistics Unit, University of Cambridge, in prepared remarks.

Source:- AbcNews