Configuring MacBook Trackpad Navigation Gestures


The incredible precision and high sensitivity are two great assets of the MacBook trackpad, which allows its users not to need a mouse to handle the machine in most of the execution of jobs and tasks.

But, beyond that, there are secret functions of macOS – many of them already configured and activated -, so that you can work with even more practicality using the trackpad: they are the personalized gestures.

Logical functions like pinch to open Launchpad, swipe two fingers from left to right – as if turning a page in a book – to go back to the previous screen, or spread your fingers across the trackpad – as if you were “cleaning” the applications open on the screen – to be able to view the files on the Desktop (Desktop) of your MacBook. These are just a few examples – there are over ten gestures and commands, many of which you can customize with how many fingers you prefer to activate the action.

Find out how to set up and customize gestures to use on your MacBook trackpad:

Step 1: open your Mac’s System Preferences, and enter “Trackpad”.

Step 2: in the first tab, “Cursor and Click”, you already find some gestures options to activate or deactivate on your machine.

Step 3: in addition to enabling or disabling, some gestures allow customization, such as how many fingers to use for each action. Gestures that have customization options will have an arrow indicated.

Step 4: still on the same screen, further down, you will also find an adjustment bar for your cursor tracking speed. Test it out, put it in a slower mode, then a faster one, compare both, and set the ideal speed for you to move your Mac’s cursor.

Step 5: in the second tab, “Scroll and Zoom”, you will find other gestures to enable or disable on your machine.

Step 6: in the third tab, “More Gestures”, there are several gestures with options to be customized regarding the number of fingers you prefer to use for each action.

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