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Chuchu Maguad Siblings Actual Photo Of Dead Body Explained




Reddit: Chuchu Maguad Siblings Actual Photo Of Dead Body Explained: Maguad Siblings found bodies and have been brutally murdered in their own homes. The whole Internet was shocked how can a human go to such an extent, A few days back there were two bodies found in North Cotabato. These bodies belong to siblings and the body’s name is Maguad Siblings. The body was found in their own home in a horrible situation. According to the reports, these two are considered teenagers and were killed in the daylight when their parents were out. Follow More Update On

Reddit Chuchu Maguad Siblings

Reddit Chuchu Maguad Siblings

The investigation has already started and searched for the culprit. However, their photos are not been shared on the internet due to the violations. But through some sources, they have requested to not the post rest of the images or videos of the siblings.

The whole incident takes place in the room where they live.

During that, the Twitter account named @Capslockfaren has been suspended because of posting violations and sensitive content on social media platforms. And according to the law, posting sensitive content openly in public and any kind of denied terms and conditions comes under the crime. Filipino people do not feel comfortable sharing the brutally deadly body. Their bodies are lying on the floor and blood spots are everywhere in the room. Those who enter their room and see their bodies they did not come back in a good situation and go for a puke. Some of the pictures are so bad that once you see them then bad nightmares will definitely come.

Officials took her father named Cruz Maguad, as a suspect. And according to the authorities, in the presence of the lawyers, Janice allegedly admitted to the murder of her siblings. She is in the care of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (an organization that helps people ) because she is a minor.

And for the sibling’s parents, they want a justice who lost their life at such a young age. They have just started their careers and always wanted to do much more in his life and achiever higher goals and success. His friends, relatives, and people of Filipino have requested justice and don’t want any child to go into this situation.

After all, they go to make their career and earn some handsome amount of money to provide for their families and for themselves, and unfortunately, this did not happen to them. Things are gone a little bit in different ways.