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Chippewa Falls Arrest In death of 10-year-old Chippewa Falls girl




Chippewa Falls Arrest In death of 10-year-old Chippewa Falls girl: Finally, development has been made in the investigation of a missing case of a little girl that was reported last Sunday. The Chippewa Falls police department announced that police officers have made an arrest in the missing case of Lily Peters. You might have heard about Lily Peters a couple of days ago when Lily’s father lodged a missing report on Sunday. Since then this case is taking sharp turns every day and has given heartwrenching news to the victim’s family. Now a fresh development has been made by the investigators. In the below-placed sections we will tell you from the start when Lily was reported missing and where is she now and who is the suspect? Here is a lot more to know about this case, kindly stick with this page for a while and take a peek at all the sections of this article. Follow More Update On

Chippewa Falls Arrest

Chippewa Falls Arrest

According to the reports, Chippewa Falls police arrested a prime suspect on Tuesday night. And the arrested person is a juvenile who is currently in the custody of the police and being interrogated regarding Lily’s case. However, the identity of the arrested juvenile has not been shared by the police and will keep secret till the investigation is active. Kindly look at the next section to get the detail of the victim.

According to the reports, the victim was just 10 years old. On Sunday night around 9:00 PM, the missing report of 10 years old girl was lodged. Furthermore, the missing report of Lily was registered by her father. Reportedly, Lily Peters went to her aunt’s home but she did not return from there. When she did come back for a significant time her family got worried and started looking for her but she was not spotted anywhere. But the hearts of Lily Peters’s family members wrenched when they found her dead.

In the search for the little girl, police recovered a bike believed which be of Lily Peters. Police found her bike in the woods, a short distance from Lily’s aunt’s house. Investigators searched the region and look for her door-to-door. But on Monday morning police found her dead and police also claimed that it is a case of homicide. But it is still not clear who killed the little girl and why. We will give you all the updates as soon as something comes up.