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Chicago Shooting: Man Shot In Head Outside Jewel-Osco 4 Killed 3 Injured CCTV Video




Recently, a piece of quite heart-wrenching news is reported from Chicago where a man got shot in the head during altercation out Jewel-Osco on the SW side. As soon as the concerned department got the news they seized the crime spot, so that, ruckus could control a bit as everyone was frightened after becoming the witness of the incident. Hence, the police have controlled the circumstances and initiated the investigation to figure out the exact reason behind the case, because the case is remaining the subject of the hit discussion, below you can check the comprehensive details of Chicago Shooting.

Chicago Shooting: Man Shot In Head Outside Jewel-Osco 4 Killed 3 Injured

As per the police statement, the tragedy took place around 05:00 PM nearby W, 53rd St., and S. Pulaski, as the two were got into an ugly spat in front of the grocery store, both have been recognized as 54-years-old and 32-years old men. Even a mayhem angle have happened between the two as well, amidst the situation, the 54-years-old man brought out his gun and fired some shots on the head of male, which became the cause of victims fatal injuries of the victim on the spot, whoever saw the incident their goosebumps appeared in such a manner as the incident was frightening enough.

Chicago Shooting Latest Updates

As soon as the concerned department, made the victim admitted into medical custody first, he got shifted to the OT of Chris Hospital, as he was suffering from destructive health complications. Still, he is under the preservation in the medical team, so that, he can recover soon, but as soon as his treatment is being taken forward his health complications are taking the worst face. Hence, hospital staff has mentioned that anything could happen with him because heavy bleeding was also spotted at the time of the incident, so therefore, it would be inappropriate to pronounce anything.

Further, the police department released the statement that a 54-years-old man also sustained an injury to his hand, even the weapon has been taken into custody so that, he can not do such things again. Even the appropriate actions are being taken by the concerned department, so as soon as the investigation is taken ahead many statements are coming in front of the people. Because firing in a public place is inappropriate enough, and if someone does so that person should get the worst punishment. So that, no one can even think to execute sich exploits, so stay tuned with us to know more.