Cheeky diplomat Wades into the Tanasha versus Bey T beef, awakening old row


A person of no less the stature of an Ambassador, and who, for that reason, goes by the title, “His Excellency” appears to have thrown himself fully in the cat fight that is Diamond’s baby mamma, Tanasha Donna, and young Kenyan rapper Bey T.

Whether inadvertently or intentionally, the top Ambassador has stocked the flames, and is likely to reawaken the years old beef.

A while ago, Bey T launched a scathing attack on the then NRG radio presenter Tanasha Donna, an onslaught which ended in a diss track aimed at Tanasha.

Later on, Bey T disclosed that the reason she had issues with Tanasha was because she was using a phrase (Kenya To The World) which she, Bey T, had invented.

“Someone tell Tanasha Donna to stop wave riding. It’s about clout chasers using the phrase when in reality they don’t give a fuck about the Kenyan music scene or the Kenyan music industry.” wrote Bey T.

Tanasha pushed back, claiming that the phrase had been in existence for ages and no one could claim it.

Recently, however, the Kenyan High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Ambassador Manoah Esipisu, while promoting Kenyan local brew in the UK, curiously, and rather mischievously prefaced his promotional message with the controversial phrase.

In the tweet, Esipisu captions the picture of local Kenya brew, Muratina, held in an elegant bottle, with promotional marketing words. He escorts the picture with glowing terms.

The tweet, on his Twitter handle @MEsipisu, read;

#From KenyaToTheWorld. Now available on UK supermarket shelves is the central Kenya traditional alcoholic drink ‘Muratina’, bottled in the UK by Othaya-born businessman King’ori Wambaki, now of Cheshunt, north of London, who is targeting expansion of Kenyan products in UK market.”

Whether this was done innocently, or if it was done on purpose to cause a stir and trend, is still up for discussion.

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