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Celebs Who Are Happy With The Kidnapping Of Edgar Obare’s Bro






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A number of celebrities have come out to condemn the kidnapping of Edgar Obare’s brother while there are those that were celebrating the misfortunes that landed the blogger. Edgar Obare used to expose celebrities and for that, not everyone was going to agree with what he was doing. Celebrities like Bridget Achieng and Andy Kibe were among those who revealed that Edgar deserved what he got.

Bridget Achieng is probably still bitter after Edgar Obare exposed her nudes to the world. She said that Edgar put his family at risk for all the exposes that he did. She took it to her Instagram and wrote a long text saying how the blogger deserved everything that happened to him. He advised Edgar Obare to get a job since very soon he’ll be left alone with no one to rally behind him, including his so-called followers.


What you put on your post is true, even though not many will agree, you cannot be tarnishing people’s image/brand and expect everyone to stand by you. Great piece🙏😫 , this nigga has brainwashed alot of kenyans waaah , enyewe udaku haitaki uvivu, you put your whole life and family life at risk but for what?? Mimi nimeshazoea there’s nothing to break again …kuongelelewa nayo tulishazoea…you eat through people tears EDGAR OBARE it shall never be well with you …..if you want post me from today till next year …i will still be praying …. None of your wafuasi will be there for you when real shit hits home wise and get a real job , not from breaking homes ati ‘Whistle blower ‘

Andy Kibe was also not left behind. He made a video also saying that Edgar got what he deserved. As for Andy Kibe, he was exposed by the blogger to having sexual relationships with minors.


you look like a Satan bashing Obare because he exposed you fucking teens??? Shut up old man

This is pure nonsense….I can’t stand this guy for 5 seconds….you are so annoying…..shame on you for even putting this out🙄

What is that up there that you keep looking at?

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