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CCTV Captures In Dubai Hotel




WATCH: Chrisland School Girl Video Viral On Twitter: CCTV Captures In Dubai Hotel: As you all know, crimes became a major threat in our society. Nobody knows what will happen in the next moment. No one is safe. Either you are a 10-year-old kid or you are a 40-year-old. Anything will happen at any point in time. Recently, a case has been seen that a kid who was a 10-year-old has been raped at the Chrisland School. She was asking and begging for someone to save her. But nobody reached out to save her. When her mom knew that she has been raped, she filed a complaint against the Chrisland school authorities and staff members. Now, cops are investigating the whole case and they are searching for the footage. Follow More Update On

Chrisland School Viral Video Twitter

Chrisland School Girl Video Viral On Twitter

It was a shame that the guy who raped her had made the video and post it online. Now dozens of people have watched the video and having fun by just seeing it. According to sources, in the viral video posted on the music executive’s Instagram page Ubi Franklin, where many people have watched it. She claims that the school tried to hide the incident from her all the time. Whenever she tried to ask her then the authorities will didn’t say anything to her. They just left her.

This is not the first time, that a 10-year-old girl has been raped. In the past, there are so many girls that has been raped, and almost half of them cops didn’t find their identities. 50% of cases have been solved while the rest of 50%, cops have closed the file. Their family didn’t get justice at all. It was such sad news, rape cases have been increasing again and we can’t protect the girls at night.

Chrisland School 10-year-old Girl Video Leaked

This incident took in the broad daylight when people were going to work and busy in their lives. Nobody heard the noises of the girl. If some people heard it, then why are they standing it and watching the whole incident. No one has come to their mind that we should call the police or tries to help her. These kinds of questions people are asking it online. As of now, the police have no answer and they are silent. Once the police collect enough evidence, they will openly speak on this matter.

A very disappointing video has been viral on social media. a 10-year-old girl from Lagos Chrisland School was reportedly gang-raped. Music executive Ubi Franklin has shared the news on Instagram. As per the school girl’s mother when her daughter was raped, some people filmed the incident and posted it online. She claimed that the school tried to hide the incident. If this video has not viral on Internet, then we could never get the news. What has happened to our daughter? Rather than she also claimed that the school threatened to kill her daughter if she talked about it to anyone.

Leaked Videos Of Child Chrisland School Girl

The perpetrators allegedly recorded the crime and posted the video on the Instagram social media platform. In this modern world where we talk about woman empowerment and we do fight for the right of girls. This is only the good side, which only we see. We don’t see the other discussing side of this society where a just 10 years old girl got gang-raped. Who could be this society would say save for the girl, and for the children too. If our children are not saved so other safety could not be anything.

Chrisland School Girl New Video

The victim girl’s mother said that “A parent called me and said she needed to see me something urgently. When I went there they have seen me a video that was trending on Instagram. They told me that Chrisland was trending on the internet, but she did not think I was aware of it. They showed me the video and told all my parents to know. I immediately notified my husband. The victim’s mother is asking for help from the Nigerians to help me because Christian has been trying to hide the Problem. They tried to get us out and my daughter’s spirit was affected. As a mother I need help I am asking other Nigerians to help me.

It is very discussing that a 10 years old girl has become the victim of rape by her own schoolboys. When she went on a school trip to Dubai. This was the school duty for her security, but they were hiding the crime. Meanwhile, the school threatened the girl to kill her if she would tell anyone. The innocent girl had silence, she could not tell about it to anyone. The student’s mother told that her daughter since they confronted the school over the matter, has been suspended.