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Carlos Tejada Cause Of Death: Deputy Asia Editor For The Times Dead At 49




We are immensely grieving to make you familiar with the shocking news which is recently arrived from the world of journalism. Yes, you heard right, the deputy Asia Editor of The New York Times, Carlos Tejada hs passed away at the age of 49 on Friday. Since the news was spotted on social media a wave of great sorrow has surrounded everyone especially those who loved to consider him as their idol, because he was a quite prestigious personality in the world of journalism, and his sudden passing is literally shocking enough. So below you could check his vital details of him.

Carlos Tejada Cause Of Death: Deputy Asia Editor For The Times Dead At 49

As per the exclusive reports, Carlos Tejada was the one who helped shape coverage of the global novel virus crisis and was honored by the Pulitizer award in 2021, but unfortunately, his departure occurred and left everyone in great shock. He lived his last moments in Seoul’s hospital where he was being treated by the medical staff, so that, he can live ahead, but as soon as his health was surrounded by complications the case went out of control at the hands of the doctors. Till yet, the exact cause of his demise was hidden but recently his spouse made an announcement in which, she cleared everything.

What Happened To Carlos Tejada?

According to the statement of his wife Nora Tejada, Carlos Tejada was battling with fatal complications of cardiac arrest as he lately, gone through with it which made his health deteriorate enough. Uncounted people are sharing their deep feelings towards him through Twitter, because due to the circumstances of the ongoing pandemic visiting is forbidden to prevent the people. Therefore, his colleagues are giving their deep condolences to the family as well, so that, they can overcome the pain soon because everyone can feel their pain.

It is being reported, that his wife described him as a well responsible man and best human being who loved to help everyone, no matter it is in the work field or naturally. This is the reason everyone is going through the pain of losing him, his achievements speak a lot about him as he was the famous one in the world of journalism but unluckily he is no more which is a matter of great grief. Hitherto, no funeral details of him is made by his family side, so when something will come ahead we will make you acquainted for sure.

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1 Comment

  1. Flyingsword

    December 27, 2021 at 2:08 am

    COVID Shot, the poor man got the booster 1 day before his heart attack.

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