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Building Kit, price and release confirmed




LEGO Marvel Thor Hammer 76209: Building Kit, price and release confirmed: Marvel fans are being amusing by the LEGO group as the LEGO group has listed another Marvel set-piece as in the previous year the firm has made Thanos’s Infinity Gauntlet available for the fans and its customer on its online shopping platform and now this time the group has come up with Thor’s famous also known as Mjolnir and allow the public to celebrate the Infinity Saga of the Marvel Studios, here is everything to know about the company and its habit of making fans allow to relive the Marvel Studios’ unforgettable creations through its movies, keep stay on this page and read till the last line of this blog as the below sections of this blog is contained of imperative info. Follow More Update On

LEGO Marvel Thor Hammer 76209


LEGO Marvel Thor Hammer 76209

Last year the company launched Thanos’ Gauntlet in the month of June and after almost over a half of the year span the LEGO group has released 979 pieces set of Mjolnir(widely best known as Thor’s Hammer) and the toymaker company has written in the description of the product that an enduring reminder of the infinity saga – Marvel fanatics will determinate this precise recreation as Mjölnir, the powerful weapon used to devastating result by Thor throughout Marvel Studios’ 23 movie Infinity Saga. The Mjolnir set (76209) from the Marvel line has set its focus on adults who are Marvel enthusiasts.

LEGO Marvel Thor Hammer 76209 Building Kit

The toymaker company has started the pre-bookings for the Thor’s Hammer (Mjolnir) set from 1st February and the company has fixed the limit to purchase the product from the online store of the company as one user can avail this product with the maximum quantity of 2 (only 2 units per account is allowed) and the company is eyeing to ship the set of the Mjolnir to the purchaser from 1st March 2022 and expectations are of delivering the product on the same date which they will promise to the customers.

LEGO Marvel Thor Hammer 76209 price and release


Everyone is want to buy this authentic creation of the LEGO company but it is necessary to be aware of the price tag of the product, customers can buy the Mjolnir set from the official website of the firm where the company has listed this item at $99.99 and they are offering free of cost shipping of this product and the return policy of the item is very easy to understand as there is no hidden factor in the return policy customer can return the Mjolnir to the company within the 90 days after the purchase of the product.