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Bryce Hall Knocks Out Fouseytube With One Punch In Viral Video




WATCH: Bryce Hall Knocks Out Fouseytube With One Punch In Viral Video: A small mistake of two popular content creators shows the exit gate to them from a reality show. Their mistakes got captured in a video, as per the report, popular Youtuber Fouseytube and TikToker Bryce Hall were forced to leave the Youtube series “Reality House” after an argument took place between the two. The altercation, which happened at the time of the 3rd season of the show, has now gone viral on several social media platforms. Most of you must be curious to know the entire altercation and what has exactly happened. Follow More Update On

Bryce Hall VS Fouseytube Knocks Out Video

Bryce Hall Knocks Out Fouseytube With One Punch Video

The two contestants took part in the reality show which is hosted by JC Caylen and Kian Lawley. In the 4th episode of the show, Fouseytube and Bryce Hall got into an unexpected verbal spat which led to the latter getting into a physical fight. After the unexpected event, the two were kicked out of the house for “safety reasons”. To recap the previous episode, one could watch Fouseytube having a conversation with Lavagrll; the former was bombed during the said exchange. As it went on to become a heated and messy conversation amongst the 2, Fouseytube pushed Lavagrll away from him with the palm of his hand.

Bryce Hall VS Fouseytube Knocks Out Video

The latest episode of the show released in the series showcased Bryce Hall square up to Fouseytube for laying his hands on the content creator. At the time of the fiery discussion between the two, Fousey stated “You can not say I laid hands on a lady Bryce, I don’t do that”. As the two traditionally became enraged, Hall stated “You did lay your hands on a lady. That is a factual f****ng statement and it is on video. Bryce Hall had gone on to punch the boxer in the face, banging him to the floor.

After the physical argument, the group, who stood in the middle of the fight, left the scene. Fouseytube was left to the ground. The co-hosts and the producers came to check on Fousey to make sure he was okay. After the event. the medical staff was called and Fousey was shifted into another home. The latest episode ended with a deceleration that read: “To make sure the safety of the other contestants, Bryce and Fousey was asked to leave the house.

Bryce Hall has garnered a huge fan following on social media following his popularity on TikTok. His Youtube channel where he has risen over 3.58 million subscribers, is a fan favorite as well. Hall shotes vlog-style content. On the other hand, Yousef “Fouseytube” Erakat made his fan following on Youtube after uploading his boxing-related content on Youtube. He has obtained over 10 million subscribers on his channel.