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Bruce Springsteen Catalog’s Possible Ad Syncs: We Have Suggestions




The sale of Bruce Springsteen’s catalog to Sony Music Publishing — part of a deal that also includes his master recordings, estimated to have cost Sony around $500 million overall — could mean his body of work will be exploited for considerably more commercial licensing. But what sort of syncs are his songs specifically suited for? We have a few suggestions, because we do like to help a publisher out when they’ve just emptied their pockets.

Some modest proposals for Springsteen ad syncs waiting to happen:

“If I Should Fall Behind”: Lifeline
For when you’ve fallen behind and you can’t get up.

“Mansion on the Hill”: Zillow
You know you want it.

“Working on a Dream”: Lunesta
Because the working class shouldn’t have to work so hard at just getting a little shut-eye.

“Prove It All Night”: Viagra
Because the night is made for prove-it-all-nighters.

“Blinded by the Light”: Ring Floodlight Cams
Potential prowlers will be lit up like a douche into the middle of the night, or something like that.

“I’m on Fire”: Prilosec
Does it feel like someone took a knife, baby, edgy and dull, and cut a six-inch valley through the middle of your digestive tract? Well, there’s a cure for that.

“Brilliant Disguise”: Estee Lauder
God have mercy on the man who doubts she’s going to look that good once the concealer comes off.

“Ramrod”: Viagra
(See: “Prove It All Night.”)

“Devils & Dust”: Dirt Devil Vacuums
Woody Guthrie lived in a Dust Bowl, but you shouldn’t have to.

“Kitty’s Back”: Pet Chip Registry
Well, who’s that down at the end of the alley? She’s been gone so long. Here she comes, here she comes!

“Drive All Night”: Viagra
(See: “Ramrod.”)

“The Ties That Bind”: Glad Tall Kitchen Bags
In garbage, as in love, avoid messy disasters.

“Wreck on the Highway”: Honda’s Automatic Braking System
Everyone loves a good, tragic cautionary tale.

“My Beautiful Reward”: Morongo Casino Resort & Spa
Slots heaven: it’s less than a two-hour drive from L.A., you know.

“No Surrender”: Viagra
(See: “Drive All Night.”)

“The Ghost of Tom Joad”: Ram Trucks
Think how much more reliable the Joad family’s road trip west would have been. Wherever there’s a jalopy breaking down on the side of the road, they’ll be there.

“Tougher Than the Rest”: Ram Trucks
But only if for some dumb reason Sony denies “The Ghost of Tom Joad.”

“Outlaw Pete”: Buttigieg for President 2024
Or 2028? 2032? He can wait.

“Sleepy Joe’s Café”: Biden for President 2024
Listen, they can go with the flow on this thing.

“Born to Run”: Peloton
Ryan Reynolds, you speedy devil, it’s not too soon to pounce on this.

“Countin’ on a Miracle”: Viagra
(See: “No Surrender.”)

“The Rising”: Viagra
Someone had to go there.

“This Is Your Sword”: Viagra
And so forth.