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Browns Malik McDowell Arrested on Video Leave Twitter Scandalized




VIDEO: Browns Malik McDowell Arrested on Video Leave Twitter Scandalized: American football defensive tackle Malik McDowell is hitting the headlines after being arrested on several charges in Florida. The video of him getting arrested has been going viral on social media platforms. He was arrested for public exposure and assaulting a police officer in Florida. Malik McDowell is a famous and renowned football player who is mainly known for his controversies. Currently, he is in the headlines for getting arrested, however, he is released on bail now. There are many people who want to know what he did this time. Through this article, you will get all the information about Malik McDowell. Follow More Update On

Malik McDowell Video

Malik McDowell Video

As per the sources, Cleveland Brown’s defensive tackle Malick McDowell has been released on bail on Tuesday night after being detained for public exposure and assaulting a police officer in Flordia. 25 years old player was charged with serious battery on a law enforcement deputy, opposing a deputy with assault and revealing his s** organs in public. He is released now, on bail that was set at $27,000. It was reported that the police were informed in Deerfield Beach after Malick walked naked onto the property of a preschool while on punishment for drunk driving and beating an officer in the year 2019. (Cleveland Browns NFL Player Malik McDowell Arrested In Florida)

Malik McDowell Arrested Video

The viral video from arresting spot is showing the 6 ft and 295 pound naked Malik McDowell who is surrounded by the officials in the parking lot of The Learning Experience. As per our information, he reportedly punched an officer in anger after the officer reached the naked player as he was sitting on a curb. His attorney said that the NFL players must be drugged by someone after getting freed on bail. Adam Swickle told, “Somebody may have slipped him something or given him something that he wasn’t aware of, which explains some of this bizarre behavior.”

Malik McDowell Naked Arrested Video

He punched the officer in her right eye and temple area causing his right eye to swell and leaving the possible permanent injury. After all this, he also tried to run away from the scene before being arrested. He appeared in the court on Tuesday and the judge discovered the probable cause for all the charges. On the court hearing, the prosecutor said, “there is surveillance video that Mr. McDowell actually went onto the property of the Learning Center while naked.” Malik McDowell, also known as Malik Devon McDowell is an American football defensive tackle who was born on 20 June 1966 in Detroit, Michigan. Stay tuned with us for more updates.