Brazilians know which companies collect their data, but fear for its security


With the transition to the online world accelerated by the pandemic, many Brazilians started to use digital solutions as part of their daily lives. Most of them are aware that this implies giving data to the company, but they don’t have much confidence in their ability to keep their data safe.

A survey conducted by the Datafolha Institute at the request of MasterCard shows that 92% of respondents know that companies keep information about their consumption and leisure habits. However, on a scale of 1 to 10, they rate with an average score of 5.1 the degree of confidence they have that they will remain safe.

This is explained by the fact that 73% of respondents have already received some kind of digital threat, whether through receiving fake messages or stealing passwords. The high degree of mistrust comes with awareness of security measures: 80% avoid clicking suspicious links, while 75% don’t connect to public Wi-Fi networks — but only 64% avoid sharing the same password between different applications.

Social networks are considered unsafe

Social networks are reported as the least trustworthy environments, while schools, colleges, hospitals and medical examination clinics are pointed out as the most trustworthy institutions — according to the survey, only 13% of Brazilians believe their information is quite secure, while 21% they feel they are not well protected.

To minimize the public’s sense of insecurity, companies need to invest in protection solutions that keep pace with the speed at which fraud systems are created. Among the features that emerge for the future are new methods of biometrics, as well as the use of artificial intelligence techniques capable of detecting behavior deviations and protecting systems before they are invaded and have data compromised.

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