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Braithwaite : My Dad Was Tough On Me When I Was A Child





Barcelona forward Martin Braithwaite has revealed that he doubts his father’s love for him.

He lamented the difficult relationship he has with his father and admits to having felt unloved as a child.

Braithwaite, who was recently named by Forbes as the second richest player in Barcelona when Lionel Messi was still at Camp Nou, said his father was always very hard on him.

The Denmark International, whose riches come from some excellent investments, in 2017 when he invested $850,000 in a real estate business, said his father, however, thought he was the right thing for him.

“My dad, I’ve said it a lot, was really tough on me when I was a kid,” Martin Braithwaite told a documentary by ‘433’ and ‘Lucky Mental’.

“And it was difficult for me because I didn’t really understand why. Because when you have your dad tough on you, you start to question, does my dad really love me?”