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Black Adam | Pierce Brosnan blurts out how Mr Fate will look





After a long period of no news, little by little the film of the black adam begins to gain newness and take shape. This time, actor Pierce Brosnan has blurted out details about what we can expect from the look of Mr. Fate, the character he will play in the new feature-length universe of DC’s heroes.

In an interview with People, the eternal 007 talked about the scope of the film and the changes in the filming schedule, which started only in the last month of April. However, what caught the most attention was the statement that he had to record using a motion-capture suit and about the difficulty of moving with this type of clothing, indicating that his character should have a look made in computer graphics — and not an actual armor.

“This is such a big movie so the schedule is changing….I do have to put the motion capture suit on…” – @Pierce Brosnan talks about the scheduling of ‘Black Adam’ and Doctor Fate’s costume with his son for @people.

— Black Adam Updates (@blackadamnews) June 19, 2021

And what does this mean in practice? Difficult to say, since very little information about black adam have been released so far; and really it would be very difficult to imagine Brosnan, in his late 68s, walking around carrying a few pounds of armor to play the DC sorcerer. So the digital look seems like the most logical solution — even more so given that the hero doesn’t even show his face.

For those who don’t know, Mr Fate is one of the heroes of the so-called Golden Age of DC. Created in 1940, the lord of the mystical arts is one of the founders of the Justice Society, which will appear in black adam. Besides him, other team members were also confirmed in the film, such as Esmaga-Atomos, Black Hawk and Cyclone. The film will star Dwayne Johnson and is set to hit theaters on July 29, 2022.

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