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Bitter Kenyan Artist Attacks His In-Law After Wife Dumps Him






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Rapper KRG the Don has taken an issue with his sister-in-law accusing her of being the behind his separation from his wife.

Taking to his Instagram page, KRG claimed that his wife abandoned him and their two children after being influenced by her elder sister. The musician-cum-entrepreneur claimed that in-law wanted to ruin his wife’s life because she (wife) was living a better life than her.

KRG’s wife. Photo: Courtesy “She used to be the person I loved the most but she wasted herself by listening to silly advisers who wanted to ruin her life since she was above dem all by everything yet she was the youngest ………. Okay, Kweli sikio la kufa haliski dawa🙄🙄 she chooses her sister over her own kids 😩” KRG wrote.

In another Instagram post, the Mathogothanio hitmaker claimed that the sister-in-law still lives at her parent’s house yet she is 42 years old. He claimed that the unmentioned in-law spent over 12 years abroad and came back home with nothing to show of her work.

Rapper and entrepreneur KRG the Don. Photo: Courtesy According to KRG, the in-law wants to ruin his wife’s life because she is jealous of her progress and wants her to live a “miserable life” just like hers.

“At 42 years and you live at your mother’s house after being abroad for 12 years without anything to show of. You now don’t want your siblings to be above you in any way… You will always find a way to mislead them to live a  miserable life like yours,” KRG said.

KRG the Don

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