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Bigg Boss Malyalam 4 Elimination 1st May 2022 Episode Lakshmi Priya & Nimisha Get Into Argument >





Bigg Boss Malyalam 4 Elimination 1st May 2022 Episode Lakshmi Priya & Nimisha Get Into Argument, #Bigg #Boss #Malyalam #Elimination #1st #Episode #Lakshmi #Priya #Nimisha #Argument Welcome to O L A S M E D IA TV BLOG, This is what we have for you today:

Bigg Boss Malayalam 4 has come to the limelight again. The show has never failed to keep the fans hooked on it. Be it on weekdays or weekends, the controversial reality show continues to entertain the audience through the content. Recently, contestants Niminsha and Lakshmi Priya got into a verbal spat again. The duo has been into these arguments earlier as well and has gotten at it once again. Apart from the fight, one contestant is expected to leave the show tonight. Let us check the complete details in the article below.

As mentioned, Nimisha and Lakshmi Priya resulted in getting into a dirty argument. The duo reportedly lashed out at one another over cleanliness despite Mohanlal, the host of the show, trying to bring peace. Well, it is no doubt to state that the viewers love to see the contestants getting into fights as along with happy moments they also like to watch these types of moments. It also happens to be the reason behind the show getting huge popularity. In the weekend episode, Mohanlal gave Lakshmi Priya a chance to accuse some of the housemates. Well, the contestants ended up confronting Dhanya for her comment about her hygiene.

Nimisha also seemed to join the conversation and ended up in a huge argument with Priya. Nimisha went on to blame Priya for shaming her in front of the whole house by continuously mentioning her dirty clothes inside the cupboard. Lakhsmi did not remain calm after hearing the accusation and vented out on her saying it was Nimisha’s duty to keep things clean before inviting the former to bed. After hearing that, Nimisha got extremely angry and said that she is not Lakshmi Priya’s servant. Without thinking, Lakshmi said something that hurt not just Nimisha but other contestants too.

Lakshmi Priya said that if she had to appoint a servant she will surely appoint someone better hygienic than her. She asked Nimisha not to talk to her like the way she talks to her mother. As their conversation got dirty, the host intervened himself and tried to sort their fight. Mohanlal confronted Lakshmi for dragging Nimisha’s mother into the argument and shaming her to which Priya said that Nimisha disrespected her. Apart from the fight, it would be interesting to know who gets eliminated in today’s episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4. Stay connected with us for more latest updates and news.