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Bigg Boss 5 Telugu elimination 13th Week — Who Gets Eliminated From Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5?




Bigg Boss 5 Telugu elimination 4th December 2021 – 13th Week — Who Gets Eliminated From Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5: It seems like the makers of the Bigg Boss Telugu 5 are planning for another shocking elimination in the house this weekend. As we all know that the previous evicted contestant from BB Telugu 5 was Anchor Ravi. He eliminated from the BB house was quite shocking for his fans as well as for his co-contestants. His eviction came as a big shock for all the BB fans and now as per the sources, BB makers are planning another shocking elimination. As the show is progressing and moving close to its finale, the makers are featuring many twists and turns. Follow More Update On

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu elimination

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Elimination

According to our sources, the showrunners are planning to evict famous contestant Sreerama Chandra. It is known that Sreerama Chandra got injured during the final task. As of now, he is resting in the BB house. Sreerama Chandra friends from the entertainment industry like Deepthi Sunaina and BB Telugu 5 evicted contestants are sending their love and blessing to him. The latest news making the rounds is that BB is contemplating sending SRC home on medical grounds.

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That means, he is going to eliminate this weekend. If Sreerama Chandra gets evicted from the house, then it will be the 2nd shocking elimination from the side of BB Telugu 5 makers. However, this piece of news still has not been confirmed from the end of the makers. There is a possibility of SRC elimination this week. Apart from this, another surprise is waiting for the fans of BB. As we all know that anchor Ravi was the last contestant to get evicted from the house.

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Elimination 13th Week: Who gets eliminated from Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Online Voting Results Revealed

Ravi, who had hoped to finish in the top 5 was shockingly evicted. His several fans consider his eviction “unfair”. The “Unfair Eviction” was trending all over the social media platforms. Following the outrage, now the reports of Ravi re-entering the house have surfaced on the web. Telugu anchor Ravi has been in the news for multiple reasons since leaving the BB house. His fans allegedly protested at Annapurna Studios against his unjust eviction.

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Nominated Contestants List 13th Week

Total five housemates are nominated for the elimination 13th week. The list of nominated contestants is given below:

Sr No.Contestant NameStatus
1Sreeram ChandraNominated

BB watchers and fans alike demanded that the celebrity come back to the show. They were trying to persuade the show makers that Ravi was more deserving a participant as compared to other contestants in the house. As per the reports, Star Maa is also considering back Ravi on the show. Now it will be going to be interesting to watch who’s going to be eliminated from the show and is really Ravi is re-returning.

The heartbeat of the audience of Bigg Boss Telugu 5 is getting fast as the show is moving towards its finale. The show concludes its 13th week as the contestants look forward to the ticket to the finale task winner. As we all watched Shanmukh becomes the last captain of the house and Ravi was the last contestant to get eliminated from the BB 5 Telugu house. Though the interest of the audience shifted to the 13th elimination voting polls of BB 5 Telugu from the 5 nominations. The fans are curious to know that which contestant is going to be eliminated and whose journey will be ending.

Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Voting Polls trends Results 13th Week

  1. Sriram – 29% vote share
  2. Maanas – 23% vote share
  3. Kajal – 22% vote share
  4. Siri – 16% vote share
  5. Priyanka – 10% vote share

Ten contestants are already eliminated from BB 5 Telugu so far. Maanas is safe from elimination this week. Though Bigg Boss might consider a twist in the eviction plan for the 13th week of BB Telugu 5. The voting result of this week is also a good indication of the audience support for the winner of this season. The top three predicted finalists Sreeram, Shanmukh, and Sunny will be among the first finalists in the ticket to finale tasks.

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Eliminated Contestants List

Sr No.Contestant NameStatus
1Sarayu SumanEliminated
2Uma DeviEliminated
3Lahari ShariEliminated
4Nataraj MasterEliminated
6Swetaa VarmaEliminated
8Anchor LoboEliminated
10Jaswanth Padala Aka JessieEliminated

Maanas will enter the finals of BB Telugu 5 with his ticket to the finale win. However, Sreeram has appeared as one of the strongest contestants in the house. All 7 contestants are competing for the ticket to the final race. Apart from this as per the latest report, Sreerama was reportedly hurt during the final task. Rumors are making the rounds that SRC may not continue the game because of his leg injury. He requires some time to get recover fully from it, it is known yet. It is being said that on social media is that SRC is likely to quit the final race. However, there is no official announcement is coming from the side of makers.

The voting results for the 13th-week eviction point out the clear danger for Priyanka from the first to the final day of voting results. Considering the elimination of Priyanka in a ticket to finale tasks too, her eviction from the BB Telugu house is almost confirmed. Siri and Priyanka both are standing at the bottom of this week’s vote result. Though, Siri is impressive in the ticket to finale task. Kajal, Priyanka, and Sunny are out of the ticket to the final race. The viewers need to watch this episode of “Bigg Boss Telugu 5” on Star Maa and be with us to get the updates of the forthcoming episodes of the reality show.



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