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Bigg Boss 15 (BB15): Christmas Eve Special Episode 24th Dec 2021 Voting Details




Hey entertainment lovers, your favorite quite controversial TV reality show Bigg Boss 15 is ready to set the fire among you through the coming episode, which is bringing a high voltage drama to make you surprised. Because recently the viewers became the witness of finalist selection task, under which, one contestant will get the entry in the finale directly. But now the whole attention has been fetched by the 24th December 2021 episode, where all enthusiastic twists and turns are waiting for you as Bigg Boss is going to make such a shocking announcement, so below you can get more along with voting trends.

Bigg Boss 15 (BB15): Christmas Eve Special Episode 24th Dec 2021 Voting Details

The coming episode begins where, the Bigg Boss team decorates the garden area because Christmas is around the corner, hence a celebration is going to take place. Where all housemates will carry the red-white attire as per the ritual of the festival, so you could suppose how would the episodes be amazing, as the entire garden area has been converted into a Christmas theme. When housemates go out they get surprised to see such decoration even Abhijit becomes actor Ranbeer Kapoor and acts like Sawariyaa, which seems hilarious enough about Rakhi also doing such things with him.

Bigg Boss 15 Today’s Episode Highlights

  • Christmas special episodes ready to take place
  • Abhijit becomes Sawariyaa’s Ranbeer Kapoor
  • Karan Kundra and Tejasswi are facing trouble in their relationship.

Later, Rakhi Sawant compliments Abhijit that he is looking like Ranbeer Kapoor as he has done a phenomenal job in the Sawariyaa movie. Abhijit gets shy and asks her to stop for a while, as she is getting shy on such compliments. But Rakhi Sawant does not stop and says that she said the truth because Abhijit is containing a red dhoti as Ranbeer contained white in the Sawariyaa movie while shooting the songs, hence she compares him a Ranbeer Kapoor of BB15.

In the last episode, as the viewers have streamed that Karan Kundra and Tejasswi Prakash’s relationship is going through a very sensitive phase. As both are passing such remarks to each other as their perspectives are not matching with each other nowadays, it would not be inappropriate to pronounce that they are affecting because of the game. Their differences got the height when Tejasswi agreed with Rakhi and Devoleena while questioning Karan Kundra. But Later, Karan passed a remark to her that she is doing all this, for footage that hurt Tejasswi a lot, as she discusses these things with Nishant.