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Betty Kyallo’s Response To Wash Wash Business






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The weekend was fine until the tea master; Edgar Obare decided to expose a group of Kenyan celebrities and rich tycoons who get their money in a scam scheme called money Laundering AKA wash wash. Well, the businesswoman and mother of one were among the people listed as one of those who are involved in the wash wash business. 


According to the expose, Betty is among the prominent Kenyan celebrities who are used by notorious wash wash guys to do money laundering. Further to the details given by the tea master, Betty’s businesses are funded by fraudsters entangled in the multi-million gold scam. Sources that revealed that Betty is among the wash wash team further added that these fraudsters own the largest share of the business but what the common mwananchi believe is that the businesses fully belong to Betty Kyallo only.  The fraudster owns the majority of shares but in the public, Kenyans think that Betty fully owns the businesses. 

Now when all this drama was happening, Betty had travelled to Kisumu for what many assumed to be an introduction to her bae’s family Nick Ndeda. In the real sense, Betty was in Kisumu enjoying http://

the breeze and great food of the lakeside town. Lakini hata akiwa huko, the trolls and critics still found a  way to reach her, and to prove this, she posted a photo on Instagram with the caption, “Kisumu has been really kind. 

One of those trolls in her comment section stated that “Jina yako among others zimetajwa huko kwa Edgar as being dry cleaners na mamafua wa illegally obtained money.”

“lol” replied Betty. 

In her reply, Betty said what she needed to say and has not clarified whether she is in the money laundering business. Further to the story, there was a leaked video in which Betty is seen to be having some good time in a club with Samba, one of the people mentioned to be among the money scam business as exposed by Edgar Obare. 

From the video, the drunk Betty is seen to be calling out on Samba and how he’s a brother to him. Well kama pombe haijawai kufikisha hii level yenyewe hujalewa.

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