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Betty Kyallo Stuns With Her Sense Of Humour






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Betty Kyalo is one of the female media personalities in Kenya eyed by many. The journalist started her career at a very young age, working as an intern at KTN. Surprisingly, she was privileged to get her first job at the same media house, immediately after she graduated from the university.


The news anchor has worked with several media houses such as KTN and K24 TV. Besides, she is a corporate MC and Brand Influencer who has a massive following on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Despite being in the limelight, Betty prefers a simple life.

Today, Betty has posted on her Facebook page four photos. She went on and gave a description of each photo. The descriptions caused reactions as she used abusive language. Citizens who saw the post made the following comments.


Betty with the good hair and a sense of humor 

Ichiek  unajua wewe ni mkamba, mtu akigusa hata maskio isechiek 

I have showed my neighbour this post and we have both laughed

Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old, staying happy makes you young and lowers your biological age,.

I got your missed calls n was in a restaurant disciplining my stomach

When i was 17 to 22 years i used to do this sh*ts at 32 like better I’m minding my own business doing important stuffs, yet betty still does this! I think i lack a little stupidity to accommodate some things 

Betty Kyallo

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