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Best Mobile Horror Games 2021, What Are The Top 10 Best Mobile Horror Games?





Mobile Horror Games 2021

Best Mobile Horror Games 2021 is the list that changes every year, as there are many horror games released each year. Even though the new game arrives on the playstation platform, the player will vote, only if he finds the expected horror feel. Many horror games have made the player feel fear, so that he loves the game. 

Top 10 Best Mobile Horror Games

Ranking Best Mobile Horror Games
1 Dead by Daylight
2 Antarctica 88
3 Evil Nun: Horror in the School
4 Eyes: Scary Thriller – Creepy Horror game
5 Detention
6 Death Park : Scary Clown Survival Horror Game
7 CASE: Animatronics
8 Hello Neighbour
9 Unkilled
10 Oxenfree

Best Mobile Horror Games

If you have downloaded any of the horror games last year. Then you are one among the many to frame the Best  Mobile Horror Games. Here is the list of Best Mobile Horror Games in 2021. 

1. Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is a video game, introduced for Microsoft Windows by Behaviour Interactive. This game relies on the four players to save themselves, against one killer to become the survivor among the horrors. The four survivors need to fight against Entity, from being caught. Initially, this game was introduced on Xbox One and Playstation 4. Later in November 2020, it was introduced on Playstation 5 and Xbox series X/S. In this game, the survivors must battle against the one killer, to make the killer blind. The four can use any of the given items like flashlights to make the killer blind. The survivor must fire the exit gate, using all types of tools found, so that they can escape from the killer. 

2. Antarctica 88

This game makes you feel the horror amidst the ice of Antarctica. The game will show the adventures and horror in Antarctica. You will be provided with the weapons to fight against uneasy situations. Once the monster finds you, you will be in a situation where you need to escape from the worst monsters. In this game, your father  Vladimir Efimov had gone for an expedition in Antarctica. He digs in the ice to find the pre-historic materials. Suddenly his communication with the outside world had stopped before six weeks. You are one among four-member team to go in search of your father. No one can hear the voice of you except the monsters. Then you must solve puzzles and gather items to find your father. Then you must save yourself. 

3. Evil Nun: Horror in the School

In this game, you are in a school, where there is a scary evil nun. She looks like a combination of ghost and Granny. That evil nun will kill the player if she finds him. So you need to hide from the nun. This game was published by Keplerians Horror Games. Then an unlocked laundry room is there, which contains the school kids. It’s a doubt, whether the children are alive in that room. Other than that, there is also a neighbor. From a costly doll to chewing gum are the weapons to resolve the puzzles, so that the player will come out from death.  

4. Eyes: Scary Thriller – Creepy Horror game

This game was developed by FEARLESS GAMES PURECKA & PABIS SPÓŁKA JAWNA. In this game, the player can use the audio and visuals to make their own demon. Otherwise, you must choose multiple monsters. The player must play to open the school,a scary house and a hospital. You will find more than one play mode. You can use the mystical eyes to view via the clever monster’s vision. You can use the map for the next move, then play with the adventurers offline. This game makes the player feel the unexpected jumpscare and scary buildings.

5. Detention

The students Ray and Wei were unknowingly caught in the Greenwood High School, during the White Terror period. This Chinese game was developed by the Red Candle Games. This game is set in the imagination of the 1960s, while the school is in the hilly mountainous area. Suddenly the students feel caught up in a condition, where there are evil creatures, called lingered. These students try to escape from the monsters, by the way, they find the unknown mysteries of the school.

6. Death Park : Scary Clown Survival Horror Game

In this game, you will see a scary hospital, old mansions, strange mazes, scary amusement parks and scary circuses. Then the player will be alone, they will feel something is there on their back. You must search and gather some objects in those places. This game was developed by Euphoria games. You can gather objects by playing and solving the puzzles. In some cases, by solving the puzzles the player can escape from evil. The player must view the objects and secret quest, to get away from the evil.

7. CASE: Animatronics

In this game, the player is working for the Police Department. The player is considered a detective, so he must investigate late at night to find the mysteries. This game was developed by Walnut LLC. A scary call from your old friend wakes you up from sleep. There is a power cut in the Police station. In the Police station, the player feels something is following while the exit gates are all closed. It’s the cleverness of the player to find the mystery inside the Police Station, to survive the whole night. 

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